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Month: March 2021

How Tele ICU services can help in saving lives as well as generating revenues

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A Nursing home in a tier 2 city receives a critical case wherein a young man was involved in a motor vehicle accident. He has significant pulmonary contusions and segmental lung collapse, and has a small haemopneumothorax. On scanning the brain, he was found having diffuse axonal injury. Unfortunately, though the Nursing home had an equipped…

“eNext ICU” as a relief for the healthcare workers in COVID-19 Situation

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“eNext ICU” as a relief for the healthcare workers in COVID-19 Situation The year 2020, was the year when people realized the importance of health as an entity and healthcare providers as its irreplaceable core. As per the WHO reports, the deadly coronavirus has infected more than 112 million people worldwide. The safety of the…

Telemedicine makes the concept of “distance” and “terrain”redundant

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Telemedicine makes the concept of “distance” and “terrain”redundant The basic distribution of health services with the aid of electronic communication or software is widely known as Telemedicine services. This is a highly attractive alternative to the conventional system of health management. According to the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care  (2012;1:10–9), nearly 86% of…

Tele ICU Healthcare Services

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Tele-ICU Healthcare Services Tele ICU term emerges because of the scarceness of Critical Healthcare Capacity. In India, there are only 2.3 critical care beds per 100000 population and only 86.32 doctors per 100,000 persons. Hence, we can estimate that the Demand for critical care is high whereas the availability of experienced critical care specialists and…