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Month: June 2023

Hospital Acquired Infection control through Tele-ICU

By enexticu

In terms of Hospital Acquired infection control, tele ICU can play a significant role. By utilizing telemedicine, healthcare providers can minimize the need for physical contact with patients, reducing the risk of spreading infections. Remote monitoring of patients through tele-ICU vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, can be done through…

Case Study

By enexticu

Introduction: In resource-limited settings, access to specialized critical care expertise and equipment can be challenging. Tele-ICU, a remote monitoring system that utilizes telecommunication technology, offers a viable solution to bridge this gap by providing virtual critical care support to patients in distant locations. This case study presents a scenario where Tele-ICU played a pivotal role…

Advantages of Tele-ICU: Transforming Critical Care

By enexticu

The tele-ICU’s numerous advantages: Tele-ICU is also known as eICU. It involves a remote intensivist employing videoconferencing-like technologies to diagnose and treat the most vulnerable hospital patients. It enables hospitals to quickly establish face-to-face connections with critical care specialists who work in the ICU, ER, or medical/surgical floors. 1. Improved access to critical care: Tele…