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Promises and Reality of E-ICU in India

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Most ICUs in India are understaffed with trained intensivists. Furthermore, many ICUs lack an effective ICU care delivery model that is ubiquitously effective and constantly managed by experts. Telemedicine departments, on the other hand, are rapidly expanding. This enables telemedicine to be used to improve ICU patient care in a variety of ways, which we…

Tele-ICU Benefits: Saving Lives and Saving Money

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Tele-ICU features an off-site command centre where a critical care team (intensivists and critical care nurses) communicates with patients in remote intensive care units (ICUs) via real-time audio, visual, and electronic methods and exchanges health information. The purpose of this research is to conduct a literature analysis to investigate the available studies on the efficacy…

How can Telehealth change the landscape of health in rural areas?

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In a developing country such as India, there is huge inequality in healthcare distribution. Although nearly 75% of Indians live in rural villages, more than 75% of Indian doctors are based in cities. Most of the 620 million rural Indians lack access to basic health care facilities. The Indian government spends just 0.9% of the…

How Tele-ICU can help Trauma Deaths

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Emergency Management, including Tele Trauma: In India alone, it is estimated that one million people die and 20 million are hospitalized every year due to injuries. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), about 4,13,457 people died in road accidents in India in 2015.https://www.nhp.gov.in/worldtraumaday2019_pg#:~:text=Every%20year%2C%20about%205%20million,accidents%20in%20India%20in%202015 Early deaths include deaths within 24 hours of arrival to a…


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ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is to provide a structured training program including academic activities in the form of catered training, lectures, case discussions, journal review, and mortality– morbidity meetings and to improve the knowledge and skill in the specialty. Fortis Memorial Research, Gurugram, eNext ICU,and ELSO a highly acclaimed, four-day, interactive courses for Extracorporeal Membrane…