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Category: Case studies

Telemedicine and Toxicology: Back to the Future?

By admin

In the world of medicine, telemedicine is still a relatively young technique. Its original goal was to reduce healthcare inequities brought on by geography, socioeconomic position, and/or geographic isolation. Telemedicine will aid patients who are very drunk in medical, economic, and technical ways.

Promises and Reality of E-ICU in India

By admin

Most ICUs in India are understaffed with trained intensivists. Furthermore, many ICUs lack an effective ICU care delivery model that is ubiquitously effective and constantly managed by experts. Telemedicine departments, on the other hand, are rapidly expanding. This enables telemedicine to be used to improve ICU patient care in a variety of ways, which we…

How can Telehealth change the landscape of health in rural areas?

By admin

In a developing country such as India, there is huge inequality in healthcare distribution. Although nearly 75% of Indians live in rural villages, more than 75% of Indian doctors are based in cities. Most of the 620 million rural Indians lack access to basic health care facilities. The Indian government spends just 0.9% of the…

Maharashtra Govt. has utilized TeleICU to benefit its rural COVID population

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Maharashtra Govt. has utilized TeleICU to benefit its rural COVID population As of 27 May 2021, the confirmed cases of COVID19 in India have reached 2.74 Crore whereas this devastating disease led to the deaths of 3.15 Lac people throughout the country. Maharashtra is the most affected state with a total of 56 Lac cases…