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Maharashtra Govt. has utilized TeleICU to benefit its rural COVID population

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Maharashtra Govt. has utilized TeleICU to benefit its rural COVID population As of 27 May 2021, the confirmed cases of COVID19 in India have reached 2.74 Crore whereas this devastating disease led to the deaths of 3.15 Lac people throughout the country. Maharashtra is the most affected state with a total of 56 Lac cases…

Tele ICU reaches in a district of UP ‘MIRZAPUR’

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Tele ICU reaches ‘MIRZAPUR’ district of Uttar Pradesh In the developing countries, health care is evolving rapidly in the urban regions, but it continues to pose a formidable challenge in the semi-urban and rural areas. The doctors and physicians are more likely to practice medicine in major cities where healthcare is growing whereas the rural…

A Hospital in Gurugram partnered with eNext ICU for outsourcing the entire ICU

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The super-specialty hospital, established in Gurugram city in 1999, had a bed capacity of 40; of which 6 beds were dedicated to an Intensive Care Unit. After the inauguration of the Critical Care Unit in the Hospital in 2001, it was found that the Tele ICU services were compromised because of the non-availability of experienced…

How Tele ICU services can help in saving lives as well as generating revenues

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A Nursing home in a tier 2 city receives a critical case wherein a young man was involved in a motor vehicle accident. He has significant pulmonary contusions and segmental lung collapse, and has a small haemopneumothorax. On scanning the brain, he was found having diffuse axonal injury. Unfortunately, though the Nursing home had an equipped…