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Category: Clinical Case Study

Tele-ICU Benefits: Saving Lives and Saving Money

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Tele-ICU features an off-site command centre where a critical care team (intensivists and critical care nurses) communicates with patients in remote intensive care units (ICUs) via real-time audio, visual, and electronic methods and exchanges health information. The purpose of this research is to conduct a literature analysis to investigate the available studies on the efficacy…

Case study III – Dengue Positive, HTN, Primigravida 17-week pregnant, Retro Placental Hematoma, Melena.

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CASE STUDY-III On admission patient’s vital: BP 130/70, HR 126, SPO 290%, RR 28 and was conscious and oriented. Baseline Investigation: CBC, KFT, LFT, PT INR, Leptospira IgM,Urine routine and culture. Diagnosis Diagnosis: Dengue Positive, HTN, Primigravida 17-week pregnant, Retro Placental Hematoma, Melena. First line of treatment: Immediately advice was given by Critical Care team…

Case Study II -Covid-19 Positive

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Case study II for Covid-19 Positive CASE STUDY-II Patient name: Mrs. ** Age: 64-year-old Female Date of admission: 05-07-2021 Diagnosis Covid-19 Positive AKI Issues Desaturation and raised inflammatory markers. Line of treatment On Admission patient was desaturating with SPO2 level 85%, BP was 150/90, and she had tachypnoea with RR 40 breath per minute. Immediately,…

Case Study -Covid-19 Positive, DM

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Case study for Covid-19 Positive, DM CASE STUDY Patient name: Mrs. ** Age: 43-year-old Female Date of admission: 03-06-2021 Diagnosis Covid-19 Positive, DM AKI Issues Tenderness epigastrium, Breathlessness, Cough Line of treatment On Admission, patient was desaturating with SPO2 level 87% on room air, BP was 160/70. Immediately, eNext ICU Team intervened as patient was…

Patient treated in spoke Tele ICU unit with COVID19 symptoms

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A Patient was admitted on 16th February 2021 with History of fever and shortness of breath in one of our Spoke Tele-ICU units in a peripheral area Findings on Admission: – Found to be COVID-19 positive. Was very restless having breathing difficulty temperature recorded 100F had a high heart rate of 135/min But the most…