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How do we manage your patients?

In coordination with your ICU team, we provide intensivist access to our command Centre around-the-clock. Our intensivists supervise and keep an eye on the patients in your ICU, helping you make decisions about transfers and enhancing the standard of care there generally. Through proactive, organized patient rounds, we work with your local clinical team to create care plans and carry out daily assessments. When interacting and conducting medical rounds, our intensivists follow clinical SOPs and best practices.

  • Medical rounds every day in the morning and evening, and patient evaluation at a set time.
  • Proactive detection of issues that can be avoided.
  • Discuss and modify the treatment strategy as necessary.
  • Determine which patients can be stepped down.
  • If necessary, multidisciplinary rounds.

Extremely Best Care For ICU Patients

  • Specialists who are not otherwise available locally are made available through 24-7 tele intensive coverage.
  • Standardized treatment and organised cooperation with the on-site medical staff.
  • Proactive patient monitoring promotes quick response and lowers mortality.
  • Access to the most up-to-date protocol-driven best practices.
  • Readmissions are down.
  • Compliance with SOPs and clinical recommendations.

Higher Provider And Patient Satisfaction

  • Reassurance of professional ICU treatment by knowledgeable specialists for patients and families.
  • Due to ongoing training and direction from the command centre, the spoke site’s nurse proficiency and job satisfaction have increased.
  • At the spoke site, there has been less clinician burnout.
  • Assistance in making difficult admissions or transfer decisions.
  • More satisfaction for patients and families.

Efficiency And Revenue Are Both Added

  • Better personnel retention and a decrease in the cost of hiring consultants.
  • Reduce needless transfers of cases in order to keep more complex cases.
  • Case Mix Index has risen (CMI)
  • The average revenue per bed rises when the average length of stay in the ICU is reduced (ALOS).
  • Use beds as much as possible.
  • More effective capacity management and patient flow.
  • Less time spent on the ventilator.