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How eNext ICU’s Corporate Tele-Health Solutions Can Benefit Employee’s Health?

How eNext ICU’s Corporate Tele-Health Solutions Can Benefit Employee’s Health?

The modern work culture in India, especially in private corporations, can be quite hectic. Sometimes, this issue is caused by a critical project while, in other cases, an unhealthy office environment is responsible for such a scenario.

According to a report, almost 14.7% of people working in the corporate world suffer from mental illness. These stats rise to around 35% when talking about the deterioration of the physical health of a worker.

In today’s world, it has become somewhat obligatory for every organization to follow the rules of employee wellness. So, why don’t you take the help of eNext-ICU’s corporate telehealth solutions? Let’s learn more about it.

e-Next ICU - A Brief Overview

e-Next ICU, a Gurugram-based organization, began its venture as a Tele-ICU provider in the year of 2015, e-Next ICU is currently offering the following services –

Corporate Tele-Wellness Solutions


Simulation-based Training


The Importance of an Employee Wellness System

Usually, an employee, especially in the corporate sector, has to go through immense pressure. It may affect their overall health and increase the risk of stress-related ailments, such as diabetes and heart diseases.

Almost 70 million people in India are already dealing with type-2 diabetes.

Moreover, this issue can sometimes prompt an individual to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, which, sequentially, makes them obese. Almost 2.8 million deaths in India are usually caused by this health problem.

So, how will an employee wellness system help an organization and its employees? Here’s what you need to know about it.

A healthy individual will work more proficiently and improve their company’s overall productivity. It will also lower the rate of absenteeism (due to health problems) in an organization.

Due to improved efficiency, almost each project will be successful. This, sequentially, will make an employee even more confident and increase their work satisfaction. It may also result in a decreased employee turnover.

An employee wellness system can also improve workplace safety as well, especially during the period of a pandemic. Thus, the reputation of the corporation will boost to some extent as well.

Benefits of Choosing the Corporate Tele-Health Measures of e-Next ICU

The telehealth measurement of e-Next ICU has been designed pretty carefully. So, it’ll meet an organization’s employee wellness-related requirement in every possible manner.

With it, you can perform direct video consultations with a specialist instantly. All OPD of the top management will be performed by an expert. Critical medical suggestions will be provided on the following topics –





Mental health


e-Next ICU will hold onto the medical records (of OPD consultations) of your employees. So, there will be no risk of leaking personal information.

Counselling and lifestyle management sessions will be done in an organized manner from the command centre.

e-Next ICU can also offer a second opinion on any treatment procedure being carried out for a certain period.

e-Next ICU will provide physical OPDs in Delhi NCR exclusively. So, if your organization is located in this area, you will get another option besides video consultation.

Finally, your employees can also consult with the experts from e-Next ICU from their homes. This feature can be pretty beneficial if the 3rd wave of COVID-19 arrives in India anytime soon.


The employees are considered to be the heart of an organization. So, you must take care of them to improve your organization’s chance of success and reputation. eNext ICU will be the best partner-in-crime for you if you want to have them by your side.