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How Telemedicine Can Help Geriatric Care

How Telemedicine Can Help Geriatric Care

When you think of modern technology, the first thing that comes to mind is a smartphone and internet access. The credibility of such inventions is undeniably commendable, but the short-sighted thinking extends beyond the horizon of your personal items. Telemedicine is one example of a digital technology creation. With this technology, elderly patients can have affordable online consultations with senior doctors from the comfort of their own homes.

The number of senior citizens in India is increasing as a result of improved medical care and longer life expectancy. According to projections, the figure will reach new highs in the coming decade. With an increasing number of senior citizens requiring geriatric care.

Telemedicine is a positive thing as more and more families become stuck within the confines of their homes, Online consultations with senior doctors have become more comfortable thanks to telehealth services, and geriatric patients are taking full advantage.


Need for affordable care for the elderly

Aged patients have more complex healthcare needs in order to manage a wide range of diseases and health conditions. Despite having 24/7 nursing attendants at home and intellectual companionship, these homebound geriatrics patients face severe crises when visiting a healthcare facility. This necessarily requires the establishment of telemedicine facilities that would address both routine and emergency issues, providing immediate treatment. You can schedule doctor visits from the comfort of your own home and benefit from emergency health problem management services such as ambulance service, the establishment of an ICU at home, the delivery of life-saving medications to your door, and many more.

Accessibility to geriatric care has improved

Patients benefit from telemedicine services such as virtual mentors, online consultations with senior doctors, and so on.
 Reduces the cost and burden of travel to the bare minimum.
 Reduces the number of visits to hospitals and other healthcare services that are unnecessary.
 At-home caretakers, such as nurses and verses attendants, are less stressed.
 Improves the patient-to-doctor satisfaction ratio.

All of this consultation and medication is done using a telemedicine application and a video or audio conversation.

Telemedicine provides more flexibility in geriatric care.

Leading senior citizen healthcare organisations, such as eNext ICU, offer in-home caregivers to assist you with telehealth services. Although simultaneous in-person visits remain a strong yes, telemedicine simplifies the process! Telemedicine can help with the following conditions:
• Preventative care for the elderly is a type of home care.
• Management of chronic diseases
• Primary and transitional care for the elderly (suffering from stroke, heart & multi-organ failures)

Telemedicine is bridging the gap between geriatrics patients and healthcare professionals in such difficult situations. The ability to consult with senior doctors online reduces the need for in-person appointments, significantly reduces medical expenses, and completely eliminates costly visits to hospitals and private compartments.

How is eNext ICU helping?

We go a step further in supporting recovering at home elderly individuals by providing online medical consultations to meet their treatment needs from the comfort of their own homes.


Our medically certified care managers will be – to take our telemedicine to the next level and make the procedure easier.

Our experienced critical care specialists engages clinically within minutes of alerts to evaluate the patient status and needs of the patient, just as any ICU would manage their patients.
We provide:

  • Complete 24×7 clinical support by experienced critical care specialists
  • Real-time TeleICU monitoring
  • Critical care trainings of ICU nurses and doctors
  • Emergency call support
  • Enhanced clinical decision support
  • Integration of Best ICU practices
  • Support on admission, transfers and step-down decisions
  • Outsourced Critical Care