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Role of Patient Monitoring Equipment

Role of Patient Monitoring Equipment

In the last two years since the world was hit by COVID pandemic, the need of remote patient monitoring has become apparent. The monitors should have these kinds of features so that the ICU monitoring can be made easier and more affordable.

Due to its effectiveness in diagnosing and patient convenience, remote monitoring has become pretty common throughout the world. According to a report, almost 23.4 million people are currently taking advantage of this service.

Role of Patient Monitoring equipment in COVID 19 era

In COVID ICUs, remote patient monitoring through Tele-ICUs allow doctors to maintain a close eye on their chronically sick patients in an effective manner. Additionally, treating high-risk patients remotely using Tele-CU through patient monitoring equipment helps to protect the health of patients, doctors and staff.

Access to patient’s real time data

With the help of Remote patient monitoring tools, the real time data can be accessed by the doctor anytime and anywhere on Tabs, Monitors, Smart phones, Laptops, which make it easier to identify the alerts of the patient in any critical condition and intervene immediately.

Impact of Color coding of real time data

The color-coded display of real-time data on screens has a significant influence on monitoring and recognizing warnings. Patient who requires immediate care can be color coded as red and hence others can be coded likewise on the screen. This helps in triaging the patients according to their condition.

Low Cost

Statistically, the commonality of chronic diseases tends to be more evident in rural India. Therefore, people have to travel quite far to receive treatment, which, sequentially, can affect their overall budget pretty drastically. However, with remote monitoring, there’s no need to worry about travelling anywhere. So, most people can save their money and use it for thorough treatment instead.

Patient Assurance

It can ultimately lower the overall death rate alongside increasing satisfaction (by almost 97%) amongst the community of older patients.