Our experienced nephrologists can provide dialysis assistance and coverage in day care patients as well as admitted patients.
We have a large network of nephrologist to cater the needs of thousands of patients.

Need of Tele-Dialysis Services

Tele-Dialysis Solutions We Offer

General Tele-Dialysis Consults

We run our tele dialysis OPDs every day and review all the patients registered with us on monthly basis or as desired by the spoke. Our advanced Tele-consultation software makes it easier for the patients to access their E-Prescriptions and maintain a record of their ongoing treatment.


  • Remote monitoring in high risk dialysis patients has been linked to decreased hospitalizations,
    improve quality of life and cost savings in hemodialysis patients.
  • Cloud based platforms now allow a secure connection with many (Peritoneal dialysis) PD cyclers; this allows remote viewing of treatment summary including prescription details, ultrafiltration and any lost dwells, and in some cases, allows the nurse or the physician to instantaneously change the prescription for the next cycle of PD.
  • Teledialysis may potentially improve access to care for dialysis, minimize need for transportation,
    improve patient engagement and decrease healthcare costs.


We at eNext ICU try and reduce the number of hospital visits and in-hospital consultations for dialysis patients.

Ready to avail benefits of TELE- DIALYSIS?