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Tele ICU reaches in a district of UP ‘MIRZAPUR’

Tele ICU reaches ‘MIRZAPUR’ district of Uttar Pradesh

In the developing countries, health care is evolving rapidly in the urban regions, but it continues to pose a formidable challenge in the semi-urban and rural areas. The doctors and physicians are more likely to practice medicine in major cities where healthcare is growing whereas the rural regions are kept untouched in terms of healthcare resources and infrastructure.

In this context, a city named Mirzapur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India has struggled with the same unstructured healthcare system but the team of eNext ICU reaches one of the hospitals in Mirzapur and establish TeleICU in the rural area so as to serve critically ill patients in the underserved regions.


Challenges in Mirzapur


Mirzapur is located in the eastern UP with compromised healthcare. The only critical care facility present in that area were in the district of ‘Sonbhadra’, which is almost at the distance of 100 km away from Mirzapur. Though the district were having Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in one of the hospitals, but that hospital doesn’t have any dedicated intensivist or critical care staff.

Whereas, it was shocking to know that the nearest equipped healthcare center was in around 80 km of radius of Mirzapur and have 2–3-hour journey by surface transport. After interviewing people there, it was found that most of the people who can afford the cost of travel and treatment usually visit Allahabad and Varanasi (which is 85-90 km far away from Mirzapur) for their treatment whereas those who doesn’t afford remain untreated. This can make anyone stunned that the people have to travel miles for their treatment in the case of an emergency as well.




eNext ICU reaches Mirzapur with a bunch of solutions to help in strengthen the healthcare scenario of the district. A Tele-ICU setup by eNext ICU were established in the Hospital of Mirzapur, through which a team comprised of experienced intensivists , trained ICU nurses and technical staff available 24*7*365 and monitors the patients & responded to the emergencies from a command center immediately.

A nursing supervisor from eNext ICU visited Mirzapur and provides two-month critical care training to the staff and doctors present in the spoke hospital. Furthermore, setting up the ICU protocols and ensuring smooth working of the ICU were also the targets that were achieved by the trainer.

Tele Health services were also provided by eNext ICU which includes Tele OPD and Tele Consults from the specialist doctors present in the metro city.  Access to specialist doctors in the rural areas were now possible for everyone with the help of state-of-the-art technology.




Remote intervention at the bedside at a crucial phase changes the outcome profoundly. A remotely controlled command center located in Gurugram, provides complete 24*7 critical care coverage. With the establishment of Tele-ICU facility in the city of Mirzapur, lives of many can be saved in the golden hour by eliminating travelling time.

In the first month after implementation of Tele ICU, we were able to save lives of 10 critically ill patients and documented our best clinical outcomes which includes: 

Improvement in Discharges

Reduction in Mortality

Reduction in Transfers

Reduction in Length of Stay

Improvement in quality of care.

"People can now receive the same quality of care and guidance from the experienced specialists without requiring transfers to the bigger cities in an effective and affordable manner"

~ Localite of Mirzapur

- article by Simranjeet kaur