With access to our large neurologist network, we connect you to neurological care that enriches your organization with a patient-centric approach to Tele-Neurology through deep and broad expertise, and continuous clinical innovation.

Need of Tele-Neurology Services

Tele-Neurology Solutions Offered

Emergency Tele-Neurology

For all stroke and other emergencies and non-time sensitive consults for patients.

General Tele-Neurology

SCHEDULED TELE-NEUROLOGY CONSULTS for admitted patients in the hospital setting.

EEG Interpretation

Review and report within 24 hours of study transmission.


  • Increased patient volume and revenue generation
  • Eliminates patient shift outs to bigger facilities due to Tele-Neurology.
  • Access to highly experienced neurologists from Delhi-NCR.
  • Enhances the facility’s community and brand reputation in neurology care
  • Various programs like stroke thrombolysis and Neuro Critical Care can be established.


You can enhance your brand value in neurology care and improve revenue streams by selecting our Tele-Neurology platform

Ready to avail benefits OF TELE- NEUROLOGY?