We provide wellness consultations in general as well as inpatient psychiatry consultations for admitted patients.

Need of Tele-Wellness Services

Tele-Wellness Solutions We Offer

Tele-Wellness Consults

For individuals going through any mental and emotional crisis

General Telepsychiatry Consults

OPD - Consults for psychiatry illnesses


  • Telepsychiatry reduces direct and indirect costs and increases quality of life.
  • Telepsychiatry represents a highly promising approach to reducing the treatment gap by making it easier for patients, especially those in isolated contexts, to access expert mental health care.
  • Telepsychiatry extends the psychiatrist’s reach across large geographic areas
    to youth in a variety of community settings


We actively work on redefining wellness as not just being a state of physical and emotional wellbeing but also mental wellbeing

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