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Why People are Moving Towards Online Doctor Consultations?

Why People are Moving Towards Online Doctor Consultations?

Since the 2000s, the status and integrity of contemporary medicinal practices have improved massively. Hence, the demand for a doctor and proper medical consultation has increased to some extent as well.

For instance, almost 36 million people in the USA were admitted to a hospital in 2020. Most of them were cured of their disease and became healthful afterwards as well.

However, there’s a hitch.

Although the popularity of visiting a doctor has increased enormously, many people are still unable to do so for some reason. As an example, there are around 900 million people living in rural India (as of 2019).

But, most of them were deprived of a proper physician consultation due to doctor scarcity.

However, owing to the ever-improving technology, this issue has been partially solved with the implementation of Telehealth. According to a report, almost 48% of doctors are treating their patients through this system.

Additionally, around 46% of patients also consider it an ideal alternative to the usual consultation system.

But why is Telehealth suddenly experiencing such an impressive uprising? Let’s find out!

Helps in Avoiding Overthinking

Almost 35% of USA residents tend to go online to find out what they are currently suffering from. As per a report, most people usually do it, as they do not want to go out of their house and visit a physician for consultation. However, as many doctors would suggest, searching for such a delicate aspect can be somewhat erroneous and misleading. It may, sometimes, lead to overthinking. Besides, it can also reduce visits to a general practitioner by almost 5%. However, with Telehealth, consulting with a doctor will almost be at the palm of one’s hands. They can promptly talk with them instead of waiting for hours. This way, the issue of determining their ailment will solve pretty efficiently.

A More Money-Saving Approach

When talking about online doctor consultation, most people usually think that it's a money-hungry prospect. However, such a notion is entirely wrong. According to a report, talking with a doctor using a Telehealth system can reduce 5% of your overall expenditure. Moreover, by consulting online, you can save your travelling expense. It might make a huge difference, especially if you are living in a remote rural area.

Much More Viable

A Telehealth system, such as Tele-ICU services by eNext ICU, isn't only viable for patients but doctors as well. With it, they can monitor whoever they are tending to almost 24x7. Therefore, it becomes easier for them to perceive if the patient is in distress or not. Due to this reason, around 93% of physicians consider it to be an excellent alternative to contemporary options. In addition, it can also improve the overall quality of treatment by increasing diagnostic efficiency.


Telehealth is a newer concept in the world of healthcare and medicine. Hence, in a way, it may not be something flawless or entirely perfect. However, owing to the rapid growth of technology, it will become what every patient dreams it to be in the future. So, let’s try to accommodate and begin our journey to healthfulness with Telemedicine provider i.e., eNext ICU.