About Us

Committed to excellence, we empower healthcare providers with the tools to enhance patient care, reduce mortality rates, and navigate complex cases with confidence. Elevate your critical care standards with Tele-ICU Services – where innovation meets compassion.

Meet Our Team

(Founder and Managing Director of Critical care Medicine at Fortis Healthcare) internationally aclaimed Critical Care.

( Co-founder, Chief of Medical Affairs  & Critical Care Consultant ) has over 17 years of experience in Critical Care Medicine.

CEO Operational Head & Consultant Critical Care Medicine at Fortis Healthcare has over 15 years of experience in Critical Care Medicine.

Our Values


We aim to always do our best and strive to consistently improve through innovation and learning.


We conduct ourselves with highest standard of integrity, honesty and transparency in everything we do.


We strive to touch as many lives as possible to improve the healthcare outcomes to make healthcare affordable and more accessible.


We are result oriented and data driven. We always use our energy and skills to deliever the best results.

Our Plan

The primary aim of integrating Tele-ICU services into our business is to enhance overall efficiency, expand our reach, and elevate the standard of critical care. By leveraging advanced telemedicine technology, we aim to boost business growth through improved patient outcomes and increased operational effectiveness.

"Tele-ICU, where the pulse of innovation meets the heartbeat of compassionate care, connecting expertise seamlessly across distances.

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