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" Mr. Chandar Shekhar age 28 years old male presented in ICU with gasping breath. "

A case of hanging with hypoxic brain damage was documented. Due to acute respiratory distress, the patient was placed on mechanical ventilation using AC/VC with FIO2 50%, PEEP 5, RR 22, and TV 400. The patient took Monocef as an antibiotic.

ABG PH 7.08, PCO2 46, PO2 196, NA 133, K 3.5, LAC 9.5, HCO3 12.3, and BE -16.4 all showed that the patient had a severe metabolic acidosis. The patient’s TLC was 21.1 and potassium was 3.1. The patient was treated with human Insulin, Atracurium, Soda bicarbonate, and Midaz by infusion. Because of the elevated TLC and ongoing febrile state, escalation with Tazact and Clindamycin was carried out. Both potassium replacement treatment and dialysis were performed. The patient had a tracheostomy since their need for ventilation was prolonged. The attendant was informed that the patient was critical.

The patient showed signs of improvement as his ABG revealed PH 7.46, PCO2 34, PO2 132, HCO3 25.5, and TLC 9.2. The patient reacted to the medication gradually. All infusion assistance was weaned off when the ventilator support was de-escalated. On day five, the patient made good progress.

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