ECMO ( Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation ):-

About ECMO Trainings for Doctors:-

Only Comprehensive adult ECMO specialist course in this part of the continent which is certified by ELSO. Mix of audio-visual lectures and online text followed by 4 days hands on workshop.

Honorary Advisory Board for Training

Dr.Ramanathan Kr

Honorary Member – Academic Board

Director of ICU FellowshipTraining
University-HeartCenter, Singapore

Dr.Munish Chauhan

Director-Business Strategy

Consultant,Department of Critical Care Medicine, eNext ICU,Gurugram

Dr.Thomas Mueller

Honorary Member – Academic Board

Consultant,IntensiveCareMedicine& Pneumology UniversityMedicalCenter,Regensburg,Germany


ECMO Two Days Training Course Descriptions:-


  • Case Scanerios
  • Hands on Practices.


  • Conducting Exams.
  • Providing Certifications.

There are Two Types of ECMO Training Course

V-V ECMO (For Lungs)


V-A ECMO (For Heart)



  • Successful Cases of ECMO Training Courses.
  • CARDS, Heart Failure, Posioning.
  • Understanding of ECMO Circuit Machine and Mechanism.
  • Effective Communications and Counselling.

Importance of ECMO Training For Doctors :-

The importance of ECMO lies in its ability to provide vital support to critically ill patients who may not respond to conventional treatments. By allowing the heart and lungs to rest and heal, ECMO buys precious time for medical interventions and recovery. It serves as a bridge to recovery for patients awaiting organ transplantation, as well as a last resort for those facing life-threatening conditions such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or cardiogenic shock.

In essence, the importance of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation cannot be overstated. It offers a lifeline to patients in their darkest hours, providing hope and a chance for survival in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. As medical technology continues to advance, ECMO stands as a shining example of the remarkable achievements that can be made when science and compassion intersect to improve human health and well-being.


Comprises of four pillars of any comprehensive academic programme

Theoretical Content

  • Sent as easily comprehensible online text so that you can read at your conveniencec and come prepared for contact programs. Audio Visual lectures will supplement them.

Contact Programme

  • To build up on your theoretical knowledge, intensive hands on practice on the machine and circuits is a must.

Simulated Clinical Snerarios

  • You need to be ready to face the problems of the real world. Best way to do that without harming a patient is simulation based training on mannequins and softwares.

One to One Interactions

  • You will get the chance to interact with the best minds in the field in India and outside during the contact program. They will also access your knowledge in the post rest.
  • ECMO Course Module​

Get A Certificate

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