ICU is the heart of the Hospital

Telemedicine Services in India

We strongly believe in innovation in Healthcare Services, Telemedicine Services and TeleICU Services is at the core of our belief.

Founded by a group of Intensive Care Specialists in 2015 with a vision to make specialized ICU care available to everyone.

We specialize in remote delivery of healthcare services in a “Hub and Spoke Model” to maximize benefits from minimal resources.

Through Tele-ICUs, we provide expert critical care services to remote areas 24x7x365 using digital technology & innovation

Asia’s largest Telemedicine company with ICU beds connected to us through Tele-ICU interface.

India’s biggest Simulation based healthcare trainings company and have trained more than thousands of Doctors and Nurses across India and Abroad

Our Services

Tele-ICU Services

We provide 24*7 remote, TeleICU patient monitoring system aided by real time two ways audio-visuals and smart alerts. It’s a real blend of medical

Tele-Health Services

We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to hospitals worldwide seeking immediate 24/7 access to experienced specialists...


We aim at providing short term accredited courses to doctors, nurses and paramedics practicing medicine particularly in the field of

Outcomes of Tele ICU

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Reduction in LOS
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Reduction in Hospital Acquired Infection cases
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Reduction in Transfer cases
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Reduction in Vent days
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Reduction in ICU Mortality

Our Courses


Only Comprehensive adult ECMO specialist course in this part of the continent which is certified by ELSO. Mix of Audio-Visual Lectures and online text followed by 4-day hands on workshop….

Clinical observership program

We accept national and international trainees and physicians on an individual basis for the clinical observership program. The program is based at the Dept. of Critical care medicine, FMRI, Gurugram……..

Short term courses

We offer diverse short term courses in Critical care like Mechanical ventilation, Hemodynamics, Critical care Nurses, Airway Management, ACLS……..

Our Associates


Dr. Aruinder Pal Singh Batra Director, BPS GMC for Women Sonepat, Haryana

20 ICU beds of Tele ICU at BPS Govt., Medical College,Sonepat,Haryana.

At the outset, allow us to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for setting up 20 ICU beds of Tele ICU in the state of Haryana at BPS Govt., Medical College,Sonepat,Haryana. The set-up of Tele ICU, during this pandemic time has really helped a lot in the patient care.We would also like to inform that due to this Tele-ICU set-up, the death rate of the patients has drastically reduced and the discharge rate has tremendously increased. Our heartfelt gratitude to all of them. We all had a great experience working with your team, which also benefited the doctors through a great learning experience.


Dr. Asim Das (Dean) ESIC Medical College, Faridabad

30 Tele-ICU beds at ESIC Medical College, Faridabad, Haryana

I would like to thank the eNext ICU team for setting up 30 Tele-ICU beds in the state of Haryana at ESIC Medical College, Faridabad, Haryana This technology has really helped us in dealing with the critically ill Covid positive patients. We’ve found various outcomes due to this setup in our hospital. The parameter of Quality of care has been fully satisfied. Our heartfelt gratitude to all of them. We all had a great experience working with your team.


Dr. SV Kulkarni Civil Surgeon District Hospital, Aurangabad

Tele ICU Consultation District Hospital Chikhalthana Aurangabad

Tele ICU services provided by Springer Health care Team Was a very useful online Tele ICU Consultation for our ICU at District Hospital Chikhalthana Aurangabad Which in turn guided our Physicians &Anaesthetist for management of Covid 19 Pnemonitis pts Admitted in our ICU. Which helped us in reducing the mortality & morbidity & hence referral to Higher centers.


Dr. Archna Bhosle Civil Surgeon, Jalna

Tele ICU has become a backbone of Covid ICU

Tele-ICU has helped us in many ways.It was possible to set up a COVID-19 ICU in remote district and manage successfully. Your punctual expert guidance has helped in controlling Covid deaths. It has helped in reducing ICU stay of patients & implement recent advances in treatment and management. It has also helped a lot in Round o'clock monitoring of serious patients Till now, Tele ICU has become a backbone of Covid ICU


Dr. Vikrant Solanki Director, Solanki Hospital

A fantastic experience with eNext ICU

I’ve been associated with eNext ICU for more than 5 years now, and we had a fantastic experience. It is definitely enhanced critical care division. This has also uplifted the confidence, and the trust amongst the treating staff, the patient and the patient’s families. 24*7 monitoring and second opinion from qualified and competent Tele-intensivists are available bedside which has improved quality of care. Tele-ICU setup has also saved lots of intra- or inter-hospital patient transfers.