Only Comprehensive adult ECMO specialist course in this part of the continent which is certified by ELSO. Mix of audio-visual lectures and online text followed by 4 days hands on workshop.


ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) hospitals play a critical role in providing advanced life support for patients with severe respiratory or cardiac failure. ECMO is a specialized technique that involves temporarily taking over the function of the heart and/or lungs to allow these organs to rest and heal. ECMO hospitals are equipped with the expertise and technology necessary to implement this sophisticated life support system.

The decision to transfer a patient to an ECMO hospital often occurs when conventional treatments and mechanical ventilation prove insufficient to support respiratory or cardiac function. ECMO involves circulating the patient’s blood through an artificial lung (oxygenator) that removes carbon dioxide and adds oxygen before returning the blood to the patient. This allows the patient’s lungs or heart, or both, to recover from illness or injury.

ECMO hospitals typically have multidisciplinary teams of specialized healthcare professionals, including ECMO specialists, cardiothoracic surgeons, perfusionists, and critical care physicians. These teams work collaboratively to assess, initiate, and manage ECMO support for patients. The technology and expertise required for ECMO support make these hospitals crucial hubs for managing severe and complex cases.

The presence of ECMO services in a hospital reflects its commitment to delivering advanced and cutting-edge medical care. It exemplifies the integration of innovative technology with medical expertise to offer a lifeline for patients facing critical conditions. The specialized nature of ECMO hospitals positions them as vital components in the healthcare system, providing a bridge to recovery for patients facing the most challenging respiratory and cardiac issues.

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